Bojana Petkovic

Media Design

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  • Scapes of coexistence in a hybrid ecology (Media Design / Special Topics in Digital Media)
    Kurs Nr.: DM.M-MD/M-MA-2
    Semester: WS 2022/23

    „We need to be looking more closely at the intensity of the waste as living dead material – whereby ‘waste’ is not just waste but also a form of life, and thus is in need of its own biopolitics.” Parrika When we speak of nature we need to understand all involved cultural practices (technological, political, economical, artistic and others) as well as their entangled interconnections and interrelations which participate in nature’s creation. Our lives are dominated and influenced by changes in hi-tech products and media technologies of digital communication. Technology has always shaped the course of human history but our moment in time is unique. This leaves us with a nature after nature. Mutant matter creates new geological strata and a hybrid ecology in which the old dichotomy nature vs. culture unveils itself as a myth. In this new geological reality every change creates an emergence – new materials become the harbingers of a new age. This is the serendipitous moment, the fortunate discovery when we realize that we are part of nature and ecology. Within this context I would like to invite you to a speculative exploration of current and future scapes, the meaning of scape composed of: a) extracted from landscape, denoting “an extensive view, scenery,” or “a picture or representation” of such a view b) referring to an area that has a particular character because of the type of things that can be seen, heard, smelled, or experienced in it, or to a work of art that represents such an area. Based on these impulses and departing from a critical perspective on media theory we will use the emergence of new materials and hybrid formations as inspiration. Through this kind of observation we will separate ourselves from the anthopocentric perspective. Drafting quick prototypes will allow a playful beginning of the artistic process. From there we will create our own speculations on future scapes: any materials can be used, any technologies applied to engage in an active and poetic manner with our changed surroundings on the verge of collapse. Speculation, here, as a transformative method might lead to new perspectives on a future of coexistence. Among others we will read from authors such as Jennifer Gabrys, Jussi Parikka, Donna Haraway and Karen Barad. The course will be completed with a final exhibition.

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