Dylan Peirce

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Kunst und Design
Aktuelle Kurse

  • Soundskulptur Workshop: Hybride Klangkörper
    Workshop / Techn. Einweisung
    Kurs Nr.: ID.BA.EG1.31
    Semester: WS 2021/22

    The sound sculpture workshop aims to stimulate and develop your sonic awareness and imagination. In part 01, we will look at the idea of the "sound object" and see how we can construct, design and perform sonic situations using simple materials. In part 02, we will look at standard recording techniques, build contact microphones, play with audio transducers and electromagnetic sensors and see how we can use these as tools to investigate the sonic potential around us. In part 03, we will compose and design hybrid sound objects using basic audio processing with the software Ableton live.

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