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  • Temporary Spaces
    Gestalterische Projektarbeit
    Kurs Nr.: ID.BA.IP.10
    Semester: SS 2021

    Semester Topic: Queer Ecologies Related to their particular ideas, desires and practices students are invited to choose one or more of the following projects to develop in the collective framework of the Temporary Spaces class. Starting with a collective reading and discussion on queer ecologies, transanimalities, erotic landscapes, teddy bear patriarchy, etc. over the first three weeks, we will then be able to develop different projects: a) (green) spaces in collaboration with ASTA to expand, re-think, and de-construct their "container" space. b) utopian architectures, performative street objects, and concepts based on networking referring to the fiber optic internet network in Bremen — in collaboration with Peter von Maydell. c) our own individual projects focusing on spatial ideas and processes. In this case, please bring a self-written abstract (3 to 4 sentences) that includes the thematic interest and a crucial research or project question to the first session. With the aim to critically reflect space as a temporary category, Temporary Spaces class deals with historical, political, social, technological, and aesthetic aspects of spatial production. Beyond disciplinary conventions and boundaries, the class explores practices that include various media and experimentation with space, in different scales, from urban interventions to video, installations, performances, sound, and text. The works are research based spanning critical theory and ancient philosophy, feminist and queer theories, socialist architectural utopias etc. Ultimately, Temporary Spaces is a platform for the collaborative creation of reflexive aesthetic experiences. Collective gatherings are in English. In regular gatherings participants come together to discuss ideas, approaches, and work with other members of the class, faculty, and guests. A series of presentations, lectures and other inputs will be given during the semester to support individual and collective development. We will continue our collaboration with the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden as a part of their "Conditions of A Necessity" program. The Exhibit: October 2021 https://conditionsofanecessity.net https://kunsthalle-baden-baden.de/en/program/conditions-of-a-necessity/ Plenum: Thursdays starting from 10:00 Introduction: 08.04.2021 Thursday 14:00-16:00

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