Imad Gebrael

Studio School of Visual Combinations

Kunst und Design
Aktuelle Kurse

  • The Design Turn: decolonial perspectives on representation and field research
    Kurs Nr.: AWi
    Semester: SS 2021

    A critical turn took place in the early 1970s among scholars in the humanities and social sciences to make culture/criticality/decoloniality/plurality the focus of contemporary debates; it also describes a shift in emphasis toward meaning and away from a positivist epistemology. [u]Design is only 50 years late.[/u] While the field negotiates a new era of scholarship, the course positions design away from solutionism and seeks theoretical collaborations outside the disciplinary borders of the field. In that light, students are invited to engage with plural histories, identify problematic discourses and unravel potential design futures.

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