Izabella Kinga Dobielewska


Kunst und Design
Aktuelle Kurse

  • On Earth We Are Temporarily Beautiful – A radical reading, literary composition and artistic writing course (Media Theory / Spezielle Gebiete MW)
    Kurs Nr.: DM.M-MT
    Semester: SS 2021

    Artists and designers can not avoid to explain themselves, their works, their methodic perspectives, and they often do so in and by writing. Defined as an active and critically reflective stance, writing can be a social and a transformative practice, the generation of meaning, and something to do with words. Writing is both adventure and hurdle, craft and art, and all of it simultaneously. Sometimes – in the best cases – a single text is able to radically shape the terrain of our theory and our practice, it can become a rallying call, a manifesto. And from the beginning, the sheer possibilities of combinations, imageries, and rhetoric elements turn writing into a creative process, into a generative act of becoming and undoing. Artistic writing deals with language-based definitions of artistic expressions and artistic practices. It also actively explores writing as an art form, as an alternative form of artistic expression as well as it inquires about its formats, structures, and composition. Continuing on some aspects of "A field guide to getting lost", this course will focus on artistic writing and how to go about finding your own style and argumentative movements in the process. By focusing on reading radical writings, we will dive into modes of composition, the theory behind it, but most of all into honing your individual voice while you write as a literary experiment. Against the backdrop of narrative theory and phenomenology as overall theoretical focal points, the course will take a closer look at different genres and sorts of texts (Writing about people: the interview; writing about places: the travel article; writing about yourself: the memoir; science and academic writing; humor) and how to explore the relation between artistic practice and writing texts. The course is divided in two parts: a reading group and a guided discussion group. Texts that will be discussed in the reading group include works by Derrida, Tim Rohrer, Diana Coole, Lucretius, Michel Serres etc. Texts that will aid the guided discussion group include works by Husserl, Stone and a collection of a divers, radical writings, entitled „This Bridge Called My Back“. Reading group will be held by Izabella Dobielewska ( IDOBIELEWSKA@hfk-bremen.de) The first meeting will take place on Friday the 16th. at 10 a.m. Discussion and theory group, held by Kathrin Gollwitzer-Oh (k.gollwitzer-oh@hfk-bremen.de), will meet Mondays, 10-13, on the following dates: April 26, May 3, May 17, May, 31, June 7, June 14, June 28, July 5, July 19 If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to idobielewska@hfk-bremen.de or k.gollwitzer-oh@hfk-bremen.de
  • When two hands touch, how close are they?* – on touch in theory and art (Spezielle Gebiete der Digitalen Medien (MW))
    Kurs Nr.: DM.B-MA-2 (MW)
    Semester: WS 2021/22

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