Josue Meléndez Peláez


Aktuelle Kurse

  • Contrappunto alla mente (Melodieinstrumente und Gesang)
    Kurs Nr.: M1-R98.B
    Semester: WS 2022/23

    Improvisierter Kontrapunkt war eine übliche Praxis vom Mittelalter bis zum Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts. Seine Praxis bringt uns dem Musikertypus vergangener Zeiten näher und gibt uns die Grundlage, sich von reinen Interpreten als Virtuosen zu unterscheiden. “It would be a never-ending task to list all the advantages that the science of counterpoint brings to a player. If we add to this the fact that the counterpointist is always able to give adequate judgments in the various occasions into all that pertains to music, there is very strong reason not to neglect this beautiful and useful science. Therefore study and diligence must not be excused in order to attain full possession of it, and to rise above vulgar players and mere executors.“ Francesco Galeazzi 1791-1817 (second edition Giuseppe Rossini)

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