Karolina Krupickova


Kunst und Design
Aktuelle Kurse

  • Rethinking the Digital Landscape
    Gestalterische Projektarbeit
    Kurs Nr.: ID.BA.KP.06
    Semester: SS 2021

    Rethinking the Digital Landscape — with studio basic. 7.—29.4. Studio Basic invites forward thinkers to shape collaborative futures, combine intersections of transdisciplinary design approach and rethink sustainable discourse. In our practice, we aim to facilitate discussion around socially and ethically committed design – providing an inclusive and diverse space with a holistic perspective on graphic communication design. The workshop at HfK Bremen will question and re-invent the digital communication landscape. We will re-evaluate content carriers and subvert authoritative power structures. We will look at content carriers specifically through the lens of variable type design and the 3D environment of transformative landscapes to create a progressive past, present and future.

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