Margarida Guiomar Ribeiro

Media Design

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  • Posthuman Companion: imagining, writing and coding science fiction with an AI (Media Design)
    Kurs Nr.: DM.M-MD/M-MA-2
    Semester: WS 2021/22

    Science fiction is not only a speculation about the future, but essentially a reevaluation of the present. It is a description, from a peculiar perspective, of what is already there. In sci-fi, there have been deconstructions of technology, economical systems, gender roles and human supremacy. It provides an open field for reflecting and criticizing structural problems of society by imagining different versions of these same structures. In this class we will take this premise of science fiction and reimagine our future technological worlds together with the technology itself. For this process we will take an artificial intelligence (AI) as our writing companion. We will become and engage with these artificial beings and create fictions from a more-than-human perspective. Throughout the semester we will collect, read and write texts, train the AIs with these collected writings and assemble short narratives as composites of the thoughts of Humans and AIs. We will engage with texts from Ursula K. Le Guin, Joanna Ross, William Gibson, Karen Barad and Rosi Braidotti but you are encouraged to bring your own references. GTP-2 and GTP-3 will be language models used for the text generation. The resulting fictions and worlds can become the motto for practical experiments. You are welcomed to explore or publish these narratives in any form, collectively or individually. More info at:

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