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  • Bodybuilding (As Part of a Journey)
    Kurs Nr.: FK.D.IF
    Semester: WS 2021/22

    Can you imagine a world where reproduction is not only tied to female bodies? a world where possible biotechnological formations can be considered as emancipatory approaches to the pressing needs and demands of the body? Can you imagine a body that is not leaky and messy ? Would you like to re-define super powers and make monsters great again ? Bodybuilding is an experimental course on fiction worlding where students are invited to read, discuss and produce speculative fictions around the body. Taking the body as our site of design and building material in the practice of worlding, we will toy with the possibilities of transcending the strains of biology , disrupting its limitations and redesigning its constraints through fiction scenarios.  We will read excerpts from different texts and watch videos about mental health, biotechnology and fiction and we will learn a few tools of fiction worldbuilding. We will also build bodies .  During the course of the lab we will explore four main threads, namely: Wombs,Feelings, Life Hacks, Deaths  The workshop will be divided in two phases During the first phase the students are invited to learn a few fiction wording tools through practical exercises , reading circles, listening sessions and watching in an intense lab form The second phase is the production phase where students will be divided into groups to be Brtefurther developing the propositions they came up with during the lab

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