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  • The Map, the Model, & the Object: Infrastructures of Spatial Narratives
    Kurs Nr.: FK.D.IF
    Semester: WS 2022/23

    This course will look at spatial representation tools as ways of domination and reclamation: The Map, the Model, and the Object. Over the course of three blocks, it will dismantle these tools theoretically, (post)colonially, and spatially. How can we read authority, and its layers, in what is visible or invisible in a spatial representation? If representing the marginal would be a product of the same power structure embedded within a particular tool, would it be possible to exit the “frame”? Would a method of collecting what is-not-possible to represent in the existing knowledge production tools be an attempt to create different epistemic structures? How to look at building and time and their spatial representation? How to look at futurity, elusivity, invisibility, and their representation in a context of ruin and constant destruction? While a total liberation from the existing tools of representation is unlikely, a destabilization of writing space is attainable by considering the ‘irrepresentable.’

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