Work and storage facilities in the container village at Speicher XI: Now available for booking!

The container village at Speicher XI

Experimental space for the Bremen University of the Arts

Past & Present

The HfK is bursting at the seams. Not just because of the social distancing required by the coronavirus – for years, the need for space has been greater than what is available. So, the university is going to get a temporary addition. The expansion will be located on the track bed along the Speicher XI building, between Segment 8 and the Wetterhalle. 


The metal cubes placed there were acquired by the HfK as functional readymades, architecturally arranged and equipped with technology. Stacked and lined up, they are sculptural elements that create a space-shaping counterpart to the HfK's Speicher building, aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time. By enclosing it, the HfK can realize the potential of the space between Speicher XI and the track bed.

In addition, six small office containers and nine windowless, large sea containers are to be occupied and designed – with color and typography, but also through applications and modifications.

The containers may be used as workshops, work and storage spaces as well as experimental areas, for example for evening projections. 





Open Space

The AStA container is already operating as an open air café, while another open space is being used by guests of the canteen. Now in summer the container village will bring a lot more life to the area outside of the HfK, making it very recognizable from the outside that there is an art university located in the Speicher XI building.




Office Container

Students as well as lecturers are invited to use the office containers as individuals or groups free of charge. Equipment: table, chair, heating, internet, electricity, light. Three office containers can be booked for the entire summer semester (until 1.10.2022). Applications for these should be sent to by 15.5.2022. The contact person is Marcus Liebich, Head of the 3-D Design Workshop. If more than three applications are received, he will decide on the long-term tenants by drawing lots. 

Three additional office containers can be booked for a maximum of one month. Applications can be send to and will be processed in the order in which they are received.




A toolbox can also be borrowed. It contains: clamps, sanding block, metal ruler, calipers, drill, 12 volt cordless screwdriver, cutter, files, hammer, pliers, tape measure, rasp, screwdriver, trowel, chisel, level, square, Japanese saws, drill bit set, ear protection, safety glasses, and a first aid kit. 

For questions about the toolbox, send your inquiry to



Bicycle Hub

In front of the HfK main entrance, the first three sea containers are reserved for a bicycle workshop, a rental station and an e-bike charging facility. Two- and three-wheeled e-bikes may now be used for official (transport) trips by all HfK members free of charge. Two of the e-bikes are available at the Container Village and two at the Dechanatstraße. For bookings, the respective porter's office should be contacted. An informal request (by phone, e-mail or in person on site) is sufficient. If a bike is available in the desired period, it can be reserved immediately and you can start cycling with it right away. Keys, on-board computer and a load securing set are to be picked up at the porter's office on the booked date. 

Contact porter's office Speicher XI
0421 9595 1000 oder 

Contact porter's office Dechanatstraße
0421 9595 1400 oder 


Introduction to electric cargo bike 

Before the first use, a one-time introduction to the use of an electric cargo bike is necessary. Registration for this is not necessary (just drop by) or you can always arrange an individual briefing on short notice. Just request an appointment via mail to:

The transport of persons as well as private rides with the electric bikes are prohibited. 

The project is supervised, among others, by the HfK climate protection manager Jasper Rubers. 


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